About us

What we do

Lion Labs produces the highest quality E-Liquids for successful and growing brands in New Zealand and Australia. We have invested in a world class laboratory – designed to exceed upcoming NZ government regulations.

Our services free up clients’s resources enabling them to refocus their time and capital as best fits their needs. Our technical approach to production is world class and we take every step to ensure only the highest quality products are delivered to our clients and their customers.

Our services include:

Why us?

Lion offers the only independent E-Liquid co-packing service in New Zealand and Australia. Manufacturing is the name of the game - we steer clear of retail to eliminate any conflicts of interest between us and our clients. Lion has taken the time to research and procure the most efficient and effective production equipment and machinery and we only use the highest quality base materials.

Our clients benefit from the significant capital outlay that we have made in our production plant and the working capital that we deploy to maintain a steady inventory of base materials, not to mention the elimination of employee risk and cutting the cost of meeting increasing health and safety standards.

It is extremely important that our clients know that they can trust Lion to have their best interests at heart, that is why we have invested in a business model that succeeds only when our clients succeed.

We understand that our clients operate in a competitive industry and that their recipes are their most important IP – accordingly we like to sign formalised agreements with all clients to safeguard the details of their product and commercial arrangements. We keep everything confidential, including the existence of our business relationship if required.


The average smoker dies 10 years early. We believe vaping provides a previously unavailable (and much more achievable) avenue for smokers to get those years back. Its that simple. Given the number of high-quality E-Liquids already on the market we decided the best way to help was to provide the industry a fully independent manufacturing service.


Leadership team

We are proud of our capable team with diverse experience. We believe in smoking cessation through vaping and safe production of high-quality E-Liquid in clean green New Zealand.

Max Stanley - Managing Director


Max is our Managing Director, who had the vision to build a world class E-Liquid lab right here in Aoteroa. He has 10+ years experience in project management, sourcing and compliance. Max's supply chain management and depth of industry contacts ensure the wheels keep on turning.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Studies, Massey University.

Tom Nelson - Director, Sales and Marketing

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Tom is our sales, marketing and communications expert. He has over 8 years experience in sales and service delivery with large telecommunications companies. Tom ensures that Lion Labs delivers fast, clear and concise communications to our clients guaranteeing the transaction is always smooth.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Studies, Massey University.

Cahn McKenzie - Director, Finance


Cahn makes sure that there is always enough money in the bank to keep our suppliers happy and our clients confident. Cahn manages investor relationships and reporting. He has 5 years experience in the Financial industry and is a qualified scientist.

Qualifications: Master of Commerce & Bachelor of Science, University of Canterbury.

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