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JUUL is already available in many NZ retail outlets and NZ based online retail stores. However, recent reports indicate that JUUL will be looking to increase its presence in NZ, with the aim of establishing itself properly in NZ before the end of 2019.

JUUL, valued at $57 billion, has a 75% market share in its home market, the US. JUUL runs a closed system which means that its pods are specifically designed not to be re-filled. JUUL pods currently available in New Zealand come with some of the highest nicotine strength avaiable (60mg/mL - thats 6%) . In the EU market, however, JUUL retails pods with just 9mg/mL and 18mg/mL so as to stay within the European TPD rules that stipulate a maximum of 20mg/mL. The US market is more liberal and common nicotine strength for JUUL branded products is 30mg/mL and 50mg/mL at the time of writing.

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