Does Lion Labs sell its own brand of E-Liquid?

No, Lion Labs is strictly a third party manufacturer. We are uniquely placed within the Oceania market to serve as the only independent co-packer and OEM manufacturer. This means we do not compete with our clients - eliminating any conflicts of interest that might arise if we retailed E-Liquid.

Can I view your facility?

Absolutely! Get in touch to arrange a tour. We are happy to host clients and potential clients at our offices and manufacturing premises.

How Can I trust you with my flavours?

Not only do we sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements with all our clients, we have a vested interest in your product succeeding in the market place. The more E-Liquid you sell the more we bottle, it’s a win-win that reinforces our ethos of ‘succeeding together’.

Do you ship to Australia?

Yes, in fact we ship all over the world. However it is important that our clients double check the legal framework in their own jurisdiction before taking delivery of our product.

What is your MOQ?

The minimum order quantity is 1 SKU and the minimum SKU size is 20L. However, we understand that some boutique or young growing brands need smaller SKU’s and we encourage these brands to contact us with their unique requirements. It is our goal to help wherever we can, as we believe the safe production of high-quality E-Liquid is key to smoking cessation.

Do you use Authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles?

Yes, we ONLY use authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles. Chubby Gorilla is the market leading E-Liquid bottle manufacturer in the world. Their bottles come with a code of compliance, which the NZ government has indicated will be required from mid 2019. We don’t want any of our business partners to have to dump there E-Liquid if it doesn’t comply.

If you didn’t find the answers to your questions above then why not get in touch! We are always eager to help, contact us here.