Beard Disposables Strawberry Kiwi Ice 50mg/mL

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The Strawberry Kiwi Ice Beard Disposable offers yet another marveled taste that we’re sure you won’t want to be without. Every inhale gives way to a set of freshly picked strawberries that is accompanied by tangy island kiwis. The two flavors pair with one another perfectly, especially when you add the icy cool blast of menthol into the mix.

The Beard Disposable Device is a draw-activated system that allows vapers to experience some of their amazing flavors, all made with the best in quality and ingredients.

Each Beard Disposable pod is pre-filled with 3.0ml of 50 milligrams salt-based nicotine ejuice, allow for more flavorful throat hits. And, since they come fully charged with an internal battery capacity of 550mAh, all you gotta do is take it out of the box and start vaping instantly. When the juice runs out, simply dispose of the unit, and then grab a new one.
Beard Disposable Vape boasts a 3ML ejuice capacity, which is filled with 50mg of premium salt nicotine vape juice available in several flavor options. Another big feature to its larger than normal size is the built-in 550mAh battery, which delivers incredible performance and provides approximately 1000 puffs per unit. This means that you will get to enjoy more of your favorite flavor for even longer without worrying about the battery going dead before you’ve vaped all of the ejuice — a problem that some devices on the market face.

Providing exceptional convenience for the user, each device is equipped with a draw-activated mechanism, so there are no buttons to press, nothing requiring extra attention, there is no need for instructions, and it is as easy as taking a draw and enjoying the vape! Like many other disposable devices on the market, Beard Disposables can also be used, then thrown away when the ejuice is finished. It’s the easiest, most delicious vape device on the market.

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