We have invested heavily in plant and equipment to establish New Zealand’s premier E-Liquid manufacturing facility.

Our expansive facility features:

Class 10,000 Cleanroom - Our ISO 7 clean room operates a positive pressure system with 12 HEPA filters that eliminate the possibility of airborne contaminants. We operate an air shower entrance system to eliminate any air quality compromises.

Fully automated bottling plant - Our state of the art bottling line is specifically tooled for genuine v3 Chubby Gorilla E-Liquid bottles. The touch free bottling and labelling system eliminates any human handling of the product until it is safely sealed and labelled. It also offers reliable high output production to meet our clients’ needs for accuracy and volume.

High speed sealed mixing - Our mixing system utilities gyroscopic mixing inside sealed production units. Other mechanical mixing systems can introduce unwanted air into the mix which can accelerate flavour and nicotine oxidation.

Shrink wrapping - Our outer packing system seals your finished product in a sturdy cardboard outer for safe and secure shipping and handling.


Production processes:

We have developed our production system to ensure that the manufacture, packaging and distribution of the eliquids produced meet the highest standards. We aim to eliminate any contamination and provide reliable and consistent production with accurate tracking and accountability.

Our process have been designed to meet New Zealand Code of Good Manufacturing Process for Manufacture and Distribution of Therapeutic Goods (GMP PE 009-8). Areas covered include Quality Management, Personnel, Premises And Equipment, Documentation, Production, Quality Control, Safe Chemical Handling, Nicotine Validation, Complaints And Product Recall.


Inventory management with BatchTrak®:

A key feature of Lion Labs is BatchTrak® our batch tracking and tractability system. BatchTrak® is our proprietary integrated system that allows for seamless visibility and traceability of ingredient use.

All shipments of raw ingredients are entered into the system with a unique QR code generated and affixed to the inventory. With each batch, each raw ingredient is scanned into the batch with the source, dates and tracking numbers of every ingredient recorded. Batch reports are generated for easy inventory management for client owned flavour concentrates. Our automated line prints the unique batch number on every bottle produced.

The Government has announced amendments to the Smoke-free Environments Act, these will include a compulsory E-Liquid notification regime requiring all products to be notified. BatchTrak® will allow us to provide managed notification services for regulatory reporting, once in effect we will offer a seamless product notification service for our clients.