Lion Lab’s manufacturing services


Co-packing is Lion Labs core service. Our offering looks like this: Lion Labs sources the highest quality base ingredients and nicotines to combine with our client’s proprietary flavour mixes according to their specified recipes. All manufacturing and bottling occurs in our safe and clean laboratory and all client information is kept confidential.

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Lion Lab’s all-inclusive service. We provide access to an extensive range of flavour mixes that can be utilised for established and growing brands. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. However, the term is so widespread now and it has changed to mean any product re-seller that uses different branding than the manufacturer of the product.

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We supply bottles, labels and packaging for E-Liquid. High quality colour labels and boxes are available for all E-Liquid bottle types. Our rates are competitive, and our lead times are short. Labeling is included in our Co-packing and OEM services, however printing and packaging is offered as a standalone service to any independent E-Liquid producers.


Marketing materials and accessories should not be a significant expense. From counter top box displays to pop-up stands and signage – we have got you covered. Any E-Liquid brand, client or not, is eligible for our marketing material manufacturing services.


Lion Labs is raising the standards


Succeeding together


Lion Lab’s mission is to increase access to high quality E-Liquid for those that need it most. We believe in vaping as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool.


Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art E-Liquid manufacturing capabilities to all E-Liquid brands, big or small. By partnering with brands in New Zealand we will help the New Zealand government achieve its smoke free 2025 ambitions.


We value strong industry partnerships that achieve mutual success. We strive to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for us, our partners and the consumer. Growing together, succeeding together.


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