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A long term study looking for possible lung damage after a cohort of non-smokers had used e-cigarettes daily for a number of years, indicated that these vapers suffered no lung damage, when their results were compared with those of non-vapers.

The study was conducted by the renowned Professor Polosa, who is Director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Anti Smoking Center at the University of Catania, and last June received an INNCO Global Award.

These findings answer the concerns raised by a number of medical professionals who were linking vaping arterial stiffness. In fact, a study presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress, held during September 2017 in Milan, Italy, had pointed out that vaping momentarily increases one’s vital signs and arterial stiffness.

In response to the above, Prof. Peter Hajek, who is the director at the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit, at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), had pointed out that there are other things that have the same effect on the body and are considered irrelevant in terms of health risks. “This is a well-known stimulant effect of nicotine that has little relevance for health. Drinking coffee has the same effect, only greater and longer lasting (as does watching a dramatic football match).”

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